12 Makeup Hacks You Wish You Knew About Sooner

1. Make Your Falsies Stay On All Night

If you ever have had the issue of an eyelash coming off halfway through the night then this makeup hack is for you! You start by putting lash glue on your lash as you normally would. When the glue starts to get tacky, instead of putting the lash onto your eye, put another strip of lash glue onto the lash on top of the first strip of glue you put on. When the second application of glue starts to get tacky, apply the lash to your eyelid as you normally would. Doing this makes your lashes stay on longer!

2. Use Your Eye Shadow As a Highlight and Bronzer

I am always finding multiple uses for my makeup products, and I just realized that I could use my eye shadow as a highlighter and contour when I noticed that the shades of my contour kit matched the shades of some of my eye shadow really closely. What you can do is find natural matte shades in brown eye shadow to use as your contour. Use the shimmery natural, lighter shades of brown as a highlight. Use the brushes you normally do to highlight and contour with your eye shadow.

3. How To Use The Same Eye Shadow Brush Between Two Different Colors

When applying your makeup sometimes you find that you want to use the same eye shadow brush with two different colors. This hack will help you use the same makeup brush between the two colors, without contaminating the color of the second color with the color from the first. When you are finished with the first color, take the sticky side of a piece of tape, and gently tap your eye shadow brush against it. This will remove all of the excess color on the brush allowing you to use the brush for the next color.

4. How To Remove Red Marks On Your Nose From Sunglasses

This makeup hack is definitely useful in the summertime when girls love to flaunt their latest sunglasses! Have you noticed those little red marks and dents in the sides of your nose when you wear them for a long period of time? Those marks drive me crazy! All you need to do is take a concealer in your shade and dab it onto those marks. Set your concealer with a pressed or lose powder and you are good to go! No more red marks on your nose from sunglasses!

5. Ombre Lips Made Easy

If you love the way an ombre lip looks, but don’t really know how to achieve the same look yourself then you need to try this out! All you need is a white eye pencil. You don’t even need a high-end brand, you can just use a cheap drugstore brand. This one is from Rimmel London. Take the white pencil and fill in the middle of your upper and lower lips just past your cupids bow. Leave the sides of your lip bare. After you’ve done that, grab your favorite lipstick and apply over the lip pencil on your lips. Apply the lipstick as you normally would. If you need to, blend out any harsh edges left by the white pencil and voila! Ombre lips made easy!

ombre lips

6. Use Mascara As Eyeliner

Have you ever ran out of eyeliner gel or pen, or simply forgot to pick some up, there’s a simple solution. Use mascara as eyeliner. Take an angled liner brush and rub the tip of it against the mascara brush and use the product as you normally would to draw on your eyeliner. This hack could save you in a pinch, because the mascara glides on as if it were gel eyeliner.

7. Make Any Lipstick Matte

Sometimes you have the perfect shade of lipstick, but it just isn’t matte. Matte lipstick is definitely on trend right now, but what if you can’t find your perfect color in matte? We have your back! Take translucent powder (such as MAC Prep and Prime Loose Translucent Powder) and use a finger to dab that onto your shiney lipstick. Before you know it, you have your favorite lipstick in matte form. You’re welcome.

8. Colorful Eyeliner Using Liquid Lipstick

This next makeup trick is for when you want a colorful eyeliner when you don’t have a colorful eyeliner. All you need is liquid lipstick and an eyeliner brush. Take your eyeliner brush and dip it into your liquid lipstick and apply your eyeliner as you normally would. And there you go! You have a colorful liner using a color you already have.

9. Lipstick as Blush

My favorite thing is to re purpose makeup I already have. Another makeup hack I have found is that you can take your favorite shade of lipstick and use it as a blush. Dab the lipstick on your cheek where you apply your brush, and blend it out with your finger. Just make sure to use a matte formula and choose a blush color. Bet you didn’t know you could perfectly coordinate your lips and blush did you?

10. Easily Fix Eyeliner Mistakes

So picture this. You are doing your makeup for a night out on the town and you mess up your winged eyeliner! Gasp! Now you have to start all over! Or do you? No you don’t girl! Grab a q-tip and some lotion. Put a little lotion on the tip of your q-tip and use the q-tip to straighten out your eyeliner! You can also use this trick to fix any eye shadow mistakes you might have made, without starting all over again. I use this trick all the time and it has definitely saved me lots of time!

winged eyeliner

11. Flawless Airbrushed Foundation

This next makeup trick will honestly change your foundation game. If you want to achieve a flawless, airbrushed look that honestly lasts all day, then you HAVE to do this! Put your foundation on as you normally would using a beauty blender or a sponge. After you have applied your foundation, spray setting spray all over your face liberally. Literally coat your face in setting spray. After the setting spray has dried, use your beauty blender to push the foundation into your skin. Especially into the spots like your laugh lines, or anywhere that you see your foundation smudge during the day. You will end up with a smooth, even, flawless application.

12. How To Get Rid Of Eye Shadow Fallout From Dark Eye Shadow

Have you ever done your makeup, and you are using a dark eye shadow color, and particles of the shadow end up falling onto your face under your eye? Gah! I hate that! To fix this issue, simple take a beauty blender and dab loose powder under your eye. You can really be generous when you apply the loose powder, as this is going to catch the shadow fallout and makes is super easy to wipe away without having it smear. After you have applied your shadow take a face brush and gently wipe away the powder and eye shadow fallout from under your eye! No streaks! No Fallout! Just beauty!

So those are my 12 makeup hacks that you wish you knew about sooner! I hope you enjoyed them, and I hope you followed along with the video! That way you can see all these in action! If you have any makeup hacks you wish to share, please do so in the comments!

Have a Beautiful Day!

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