Advanced Makeup Tutorials From The Best Beauty Bloggers

Advanced Makeup Tutorials From The Best Beauty Bloggers

Think you’ve mastered contouring and the smokey eye? Ready to move on to the dramatic and show-stopping? These advanced makeup tutorials are right up your ally! You’ll find only the best of the best here! No simple, everyday makeup. We want Wow status! And these videos give you just that! Learn how to transform your face into something you never thought possible! Are you ready to get started? Read on to find the best advanced makeup tutorials you’ll find anywhere on the internet!

Dramatic Double Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

We’ve all heard and tried a cut crease. But have you ever tried a double cut crease? Your about to get your makeup education on with this video that will show you just how to pull a double cut crease off!


Ombre Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

Now that you are ready to graduate from a cut crease, and a double cut crease, try out an ombre cut crease on for size! These shades are beautiful!


Sexy Arabic Spring Blue & Purple Makeup Tutorial

Ready for some intense color? This arabic style eye look isn’t for the faint of heart! Would you wear this on a night out on the town?


Half Moon Shaped Smokey Eye

I’m really fond of the half moon cut crease. I’m not sure why. To me it’s elegant and oh-so-pretty.


Advanced Face Contouring

Step up your contour game with this in-depth video from the pros! You only THOUGHT you knew how to contour!


5 Pro Makeup Tips & Tricks

And last but not least, I leave with you with 5 pro tips from a professional makeup artist.

So how’d you fare with these in-depth and advanced makeup tutorials? Did you get through them all? Did you through your hands up in disgust wishing you work born with a face full of permanent makeup? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear what you thought! While your at it, if you find any other tutorials, videos, tips, tricks or hacks that others may be looking for, feel free to drop them in the comments as well! Sharing is caring you know!

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