For Those New To Makeup, Check Out This Basic Makeup Video

We all weren’t born with a makeup brush in our hands. Ok, maybe I was. But for the rest of you just getting into makeup, I have a great video for you to watch! This basic makeup video will show you the ins and outs of choosing the right neutral shades to apply for a first time makeup application. It also goes over basic brushes that every beauty lover is going to need in her arsenal, as well as basic makeup application techniques.

After you have checked out the video, be sure to check out the following guides below for more guidance on applying make up for beginners.

basic makeup video

The above guide shows you a step-by-step process in applying basic eye shadow colors. This beginner makeup guide is perfect for those who are just starting to try out makeup, and may not know what colors look best on their eyes. Of course, the last step at the end is to apply mascara and lashes. However, if applying lashes makes you cringe, or you aren’t ready to try out false lashes just yet, skip the lashes altogether and just apply mascara. The goal here is to have fun with it!

basic makeup video neutral colors

This makeup guide goes into a little bit more detail, but the principles are the same. You will need four colors, just like in the video above. Be sure they are neutral colors, as you don’t want to start with anything to light or too bright right away.  A highlight, a neutral, a contour and a dark shade are what you will need. I have seen that brown neutrals work nicely for beginners. Apply the highlight to the inner corners of your eye, and under your brow bone. The neutral color goes all over your lid. The contour color is applied to the crease of your eye. The dark color is applied to the outer corner V of your eye and can also be used as an eyeliner.

basic makeup video for beginners

After you have tried out the neutral shades and are ready to move onto some color, you can try out the guide above. This guide shows you what purple shades look like when applied correctly. Using the application principles from above, you apply different eye shadow colors the same way. In this guide, the highlight is used on the inner corners of the eyes. The transition shade is in the middle. And the dark shade is in the outside corner of the eye. When you blend these colors together, they make a beautiful and smooth gradient. As you play with makeup more, you will learn different techniques to blend your eye shadow together effortlessly.

I hope the basic makeup video above helped out those who are new to the world of makeup, as well as the guides I’ve posted below the video. The most important thing when wearing makeup is that you like it! Have fun with it! Go as bold or as light as you want to. It washes off so don’t be afraid to play around with colors, with textures, with placement. It’s all about you! That’s what matters!

Until next time beautiful!

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