6 Dreamy Unicorn Makeup Tutorials

Get Majestic With These Unicorn Makeup Tutorials

unicorn makeup tutorials

Ever feel like just dropping everything and getting lost in a magical forest where you will spend the rest of your days with fairies and unicorns while you sip shimmering water from glitter rivers and rest peacefully under lush, twinkling trees? I thought so! I know you oh so well fellow makeup lover! In that case, do I have a treat for you! Today, we are turning into magical, majestical unicorns to live out our most dreamy whimsical fantasies! Who’s ready to come with? Is that you? Let’s go!

Unicorn Makeup Tutorial and DIY Unicorn Head Band By Kayleigh Noelle

This is my most favorite look of the bunch. It’s so dreamy and pretty.

Magical Unicorn Makeup By Dope2111

I love the floral headband and the rainbow ombre wig completes this look.

Glitter Unicorn by Dehsonae

I’m definitely feeling the purple glitter eyeshadow and lips for this one.

Unicorn Makeup Look By Charisma Star

This look features purple and pink shimmer contour.

Pretty Pastel Unicorn Lipstick Tutorial by Eyedolize Makeup

Not wanting to do an entire face full of magical makeup? Why not just do your lips instead?

Unicorn Glitter Glam by Victoria Lyn

I’m not sure how I feel about those contact lenses, but I love everything else about this look.

Were you inspired by these dreamy unicorn makeup tutorials? Show off your looks in the comments! I would love to see them!

Stay Magical Beautiful!

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