Glowy Summer Makeup To Keep You Looking Fierce All Summer

Glowy Summer Makeup To Keep You Looking Fierce All Summer

Want to look fresh and dewy instead of drenched in oil this summer? Check out the video above and read our tips below to have keep a fierce, glowy look when the temperatures get hot.

Look glowy and gorgeous this summer, despite the heat with these glowy summer makeup tips. And that doesn’t mean overdoing it on the face powder. Your best bet to beat oil is to find an awesome face primer made specifically for oily skin. One that smooths out the appearance of pores so your makeup application is flawless. Another word of advice? Skip the heavy, full coverage foundations and opt for a more lighter, sheer formula. If you still have spots you wish to hide, just apply a light concealer to those areas only. That way your skin can still shine through!

You are still going to want to use some powder to keep oil at bay, but you can use face powder and still keep the summer look you are going for. Simply powder your inner cheeks, your nose and your forehead. Leave the rest of your face untouched with powder. That will keep the rest of your face glowing while covering the problem areas. After applying you powder apply a highlight to your cheek bones to give your face more pop. Line your eyes and apply lashes as you normally do. But skip the lipstick and glosses. Those products are way too sticky for summer. Instead opt for a lip balm or chap stick. It’s good practice to keep your lips moisturized and protected from the sun in the summer.

And since we are on the topic of hydration, be sure to drink a lot of water during the warmer months, and don’t skip moisturizing your face. Some people think that skipping moisturizing may be a way to make their face less oily. Not true!  When you don’t moisturize your face, it can dry out your skin, and in turn cause even more oil! Not the effect your going for. And at the end of the day, be sure to cleanse and moisturize your skin so it’s fresh and ready for you to catch some zzz’s without causing acne or blemishes.

Until next time, Beautiful!

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