10 Great Makeup Tutorials ANYONE Who Loves Makeup Needs To Watch

10 Great Makeup Tutorials Anyone Who Loves Makeup Needs To Watch

We’ve all done it. You find yourself on youtube watching makeup video after makeup video, memorized by the beauty guru’s who make their makeup application seem effortless. Been there, done that and got the tee shirt! Those great makeup tutorials are a wonderful source of makeup education! And I won’t lie, I learned to contour and highlight my face from a video I found on youtube! If you are like me, then you just can’t stop watching and learning. Which is why we made this list! We love makeup videos as much as you do, and found 10 great makeup tutorials anyone who loves makeup needs to watch! You can thank us later.

1. How To Apply Eyeshadow Perfectly (By AlexandrasGirlyTalk)

2. How To Contour For Beginners (By Tina Yong)

3. 6 Common Eyeliner Mistakes & How To Avoid Them (By Denitslava Makeup)

4. Eyeshadow Do’s and Don’ts (By Laura Lee)

5. 6 Common Eyebrow Mistakes and How To Avoid Them (By Denitslava Makeup)

6. Liquid Lipstick Mistakes To Avoid (By Leyla Rose)

7. 20 Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Know (By Roxxsaurus)

8. No Makeup Makeup Look & How To Do Faux Freckles (By Roxette Arisa)

9. Natural Makeup Tutorial for 2017 (By Laura Lee)

10. Bronzed Goddess Makeup Tutorial (By Sarahy Delarosa)

So that’s our list of 10 great makeup tutorials anyone who loves makeup and beauty absolutely must watch! I feel that these videos are definitely videos you can learn a thing or two from to incorporate into your own makeup routine at home. Especially the do’s and don’ts videos closer to the top of the list. If you know of other videos that should be on this list, please feel free to list them in the comments below. I would love to see them if I haven’t already and share the makeup love with the world!

Until next time darlings!

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