My Honest Review of Milk Makeup Blur Stick & Demo

What’s up you guys? Welcome! Today I’m going to be doing a mini review, kind of a first impression of a product that I’ve been wanting to try for a minute now. It’s the Milk Makeup Blur Stick. I don’t know if you guys have heard about it? Before I get into the review, I just wanted to let you guys know I’ve been struggling a bit with my lighting because it’s been rainy. So I hope you guys can see everything OK.

Milk makeup sent me this package in the mail and it contained the Milk Makeup Blur stick. I was so excited to get this because like I said I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. The stick came in this cute little package with 3 of them inside. If you are watching the video above along with reading this, I go over all of the text on the packaging.

I really wanted to try this because it’s supposed to help with shine. It’s basically a clear, odorless, colorless primer that is supposed to minimize pores and lines, and any skin tone can use it.

When I swiped it on, I could definitely see that the stick made my face extremely matte. I could tell in the places I applied the product versus the places I didn’t very clearly. The blur stick made the oil on my face disappear. It also noticeably filled in my pores, giving a smoother look. There was clearly a difference between the side of my face that I used the stick on, versus the side I didn’t use the stick on, as you can see for yourself in my video review. Next I wanted to see how it performed under my usual makeup routine.

While applying my makeup I noticed that my foundation went on a lot smoother. My foundation and the Milk Makeup Blur Stick actually work really well together to give a nice, flawless, smooth, poreless finish. Of course I have to wait a few hours to actually see how my makeup holds up over time. So I left for a few hours and then come back to check.

milk makeup blur stick

After going out with my sister, I ended up coming home about 4 and a half hours later. And I have to say that my makeup didn’t break up! I have naturally oily skin, and the foundation that I use sort of makes my skin oily as well. I didn’t blot my face while I was out like I usually do because I wanted to get the full effect of what this product can do. But yeah, my skin still looks airbrushed, like I just put it on. I am a tiny tiny bit shinier than I was before I left, but I don’t look like I usually do. So that’s definitely a plus.

I would definitely recommend Milk Makeup Blur Stick to those who have oily skin and have a hard time with their makeup sort of melting off their face a few hours after applying their makeup. It worked wonders for me! It’s high on my “must try” list.

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