Slay Winged Eyeliner All Day – A Handy Guide

How To Slay Winged Eyeliner All Day

Raise your hand if you have ever looked like a panda or racoon from applying too much eyeliner or putting too much on? Have you ever sobbed uncontrollably into your pillow at night wishing you could perfect that damn cat eye your best friend rocks all the time? That would be me before I found these ingenious tricks on how to slay winged eyeliner. In order to make winged eyeliner your bi*ch you will need to gather your battle gear. This includes  liquid eyeliner (you can use tubes with a felt tip or thin brush, or even the eyeliner gel pots and a liner brush if you prefer), somewhere to rest your elbow while applying, and a mirror (duh!). Once you’ve gathered your supplies you are ready for war!

Watch and learn! Brush up on your skills before you even start by watching this winged eyeliner tutorial below:

If you don’t want to follow along with a video, here’s a diagram of the “parts” of a winged eyeliner look for easy reference:

slay winged eyeliner

Now that you have the basics of the winged eyeliner look, there’s a few tips you want to remember when “winging it”. Get it? Check out this video below for all the do’s and don’ts when rocking winged eyeliner.

And there you have it! You are ready to slay winged eyeliner and make it your bi*ch! Do you have any tips and tricks for winging your eyeliner? What about in applying eyeliner in general? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you! Anything to make this beauty stuff a little easier eh?

Until next time beautiful!

slay winged eyeliner

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