Testing Out New Kylie Jenner Holiday Makeup Collection 2017

Kylie Jenner Holiday Makeup Collection 2017

Hi guys it’s Kandee. I am here with a surprise un-boxing of a giant box that came, and it said don’t open until Christmas. My mom was like while you’re at this shoot these cute girls that were so sweet brought you this box to the door you would have to open it and see what’s inside. So, I’m going to do a surprise unboxing with you guys. It’s the Kylie Jenner Holiday Makeup Collection 2017 featuring the Naughty and Nice Palettes and Kylie Lip Kits.

Oh my gosh you guys what do you think it is it is the Kylie Jenner holiday makeup set? It says no peeking! I’m going to show you guys all these things. So, the first thing is, it that it comes with this cute little makeup bag. Awesome for storing all the essentials from this makeup collection no? Next up we got lippies!

This one is sugar, this one is butter. The sugar is a pink gold iridescent and the butter is yellow gold. Butter is much more gold, so we’ve got butter and sugar. Let’s see what the liquid lips look like. The names of the lippies are Savage Angel and Boy Bye. So, let’s first see what savage looks like. Savage is a pretty rose color. This looks exactly like the Kylie color that everybody tried to get with the lip liner from Mac. Let’s check out the color in angel. They look very similar, but angel looks more pinky and warmer. These lippies smell good. 5 Total lip colors come with the set, ready for you to play with.

kylie jenner holiday makeup collection

We also have the wet set pressed palette with sugar coated frostbite, sweet fruit, and gin. Look at how sparkly this are. I love the sparkle obviously. These feel like buttery cream and they are all beautiful. It doesn’t even feel like powder. It’s almost like you want to put your hand in them and squish them.

Next up is the Kylie Jenner pressed powder shadow. The colors are very pretty and have all kinds of fun names like Jack Frost, Gum Drop, Holly and Gingersnap. I will swatch these on my arm in the video, so you can see them. So, you’ve have two palettes in this kit. The Kylie Jenner Naughty Palette and the Kylie Jenner Nice Palette.  The nice palette also has fun names like jingle, unwrap, snow ball and snowflake. In the video I have put these two palettes side by side, so you can see the difference between both, and the color range of each of them.

What do you guys think of the Kylie Jenner Naughty and Nice Palettes from her Holiday Make Collection 2017? Let me know in the comments below would you buy this collect, and what color do you love the most! Also, if you have ideas on any other products that you would like to see, let me know in the comments as well. Be sure to like our FB and Instagram pages, and connect with us via those social media channels!

kylie jenner holiday collection

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