Top 10 Epic Advanced Makeup Tutorials

Top 10 Epic Advanced Makeup Tutorials

advanced makeup tutorials

Tired of the same basic makeup tutorial over and over again appearing on your social media? Me too girlfriend! That’s why I found the 10 most epic, most advanced makeup tutorials so you can realize the full extent of your makeup dreams. Beginners take heed, these tutorials are for immediate to advanced makeup lovers who know the difference between a blending brush and a crease brush. Ready to advance your makeup skills? Check out the top 10 epic advanced makeup tutorials below!

1. Advance Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorial From Thania Gonzalez

This beautiful cut crease tutorial incorporates glitter and and snowflake details.

2. Beautiful Bridal Makeup By Faizan Imtiaz

Definitely not your normal, everyday bridal look. This heavy makeup is perfect for the divas who want to stand out during their weddings!

3. Extreme Contouring Tutorial From Kandee Johnson

Ever wanted to create a different bone structure on your face? This tutorial will teach you how to shape shift into the ultimate contoured goddess.

4. Dramatic Double Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial From An Knook

Tired of just a normal cut crease? Girl we see those all day every day! Stand out with this dramatic cut crease eye shadow and rock it like your on the runway in NYC!

5. Dramatic Blue Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial By Denitslava Makeup

I know you are looking to take your smokey eye one step further! Try this dramatic blue smokey eye to stand out during your next party! Bold girls rejoice!

6. How To Make Your Eyes Look Huge – Advanced Eyeshadow Techniques by Wayne Goss

I LOVE this technique. It lets you be messy, be inaccurate and yet at the end everything comes together and you have amazing eyeshadow that looks so pretty and professional.

7. The PERFECT Cut Crease and Double Cut Crease For Hooded Eyes By Katie Michaelis

This tutorial uses the Jacyln Hill Palette from Morphe Cosmetics.

8. How To Slay Eyeshadow Like A Boss By Wayne Goss

Learn how to slay any type of eyeshadow look in this video! Slay girl! Slay!

9. Dramatic Sunset Makeup Tutorial by Princess Bellaaa

What can I say? This dramatic sunset eye shadow is gorgeous! Is it a little bit dramatic for you? Would you rock this look?

10. Advanced Foundation Techniques By Marlena Stell

Foundation can either make or break your look! Follow these advanced foundation techniques from Makeup Geek’s Marlena Stell.


Wowza. That’s a lot of makeup and a lot of tips, tricks and techniques? Did you learn something new? Have any advanced techniques or tutorials you want to share? Let me know in the comments below. I love hearing from you.


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